We need to talk. ( Rueben/ Rosie)

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We need to talk. ( Rueben/ Rosie)  Empty We need to talk. ( Rueben/ Rosie)

Post  Foxtrot on Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:11 pm

“Okayy.. just breathe.. He’s on his way and when he gets here. Just.. up and tell him. Ahem.” Rosie paced around her living room, if the carpet was dirt there would be a ring from her circling the room around so much! Luckily both her parents were out and Oscar was out doing who knows what. The only thing she was worried about was her boyfriends reaction to what she was going to tell him. The girl had a peace of mind after talking to Raf, even though she didn’t tell him exactly what was going on the thought of having someone give her a positive outlook helped a lot! “Rueben” The girl started as she practiced what she was going to say. “ You love me right? No.. that’s a little too foreward… or is it a good thing to be foreward. Ahem, alright.. Rueben, remember when we were passing by the park and you said it was cute that the parents were playing with their kids? Well.. your going to have plenty of time to do that…argh no that’s bad too” Rosie palmed her head and came to a halt, she eyed the ceiling as if she was talking to god himself. “ Why is this so hard?!


“SHHIIIIIIT” She whispered to herself and quickly made her way over to answer the door.

Rueben just now made it to his girlfriends house, in his hands was a bag of take out that he got from a local Chinese food place and a movie so he and Rosie could spend the afternoon together. It was the weekend and he wasn’t scheduled to go to his other job so Rueben took the liberty of wanting to enjoy his day with his girlfriend. When he rang the door bell his brows furrowed a little from the sound inside, Rosie sounded frantic. Uh oh.. what did she do? When the door opened he offered his same giant grin and held up the bag of take out. “ Hungry?”

“Starved” She said simply, her expression trying to calm down. “ So hungry Its like I have two stomachs.. “ The girl hinted and tippy toed to give him a kiss on the lips.

“Okayyy.. are they not feeding you here again?” The boy teased and kissed back, afterwards he let himself in to the familiar home and closed the door behind him.

“So.. lets have a seat. Cause you know, its better than standing?” Rosie muttered and started to guide Rueben into the living room, she gestured a hand towards the sofa and stood back as she clapped her hands together. “ so.. how are you? “

“….Im good?” Rueben chuckled, he instantly knew something was up but he was going to be good natured about it. Rosie had a cute way of displaying things when she had something on her mind and the intern was more than used to it. As he sat down he started to take out the items from the bag. Orange chicken for Rosie and Beef and Brocoli for himself.

“ooh that is Orange chicken?” The girls eyes grew as she sat down instantly and started to rub her hands together. She loved orange chicken!

“YUP. Just the way you like, also added shrimp to your fried rice.”

“Aww its like you know me!” Rosie giggled and popped her box open to smell the food, she reached in and took out a single piece before popping it in her mouth. “ mmm.”

“Chop sticks?” He offered and handed the wooden untensil over.

“Yes please, OH and did you get extra sauce packets for~ wait a minute” The girl sighed and placed everything down before looking at her boyfriend with an unsure smile. “ Rueben we need to talk…” The girl admitted, her tone now getting serious.

“Uh oh.” Ruebens smile vanished, it was those 4 words seemed to put the intern on edge. The intern gave Rosie all his attention and sat up on the sofa with a serious expression. “ go on..”

“no-no its nothing bad!” Rosie defended with a worried expression. “ or.. at least I hope its nothing bad. “

The intern gave her a look and simply waited.

“ What?!You act like I get into trouble all the time and ~ “

Rueben only continued to give the same look.

“ Will you stop looking at me like that! “ The girl exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around herself, she pulled her dark eyes away from her boyfriend and stared at the carpet. “ so… from the scale of 1- 10 .. 10 being the max, how much do you uhm.. how much do you love me?” Rosie peeked up with a wince.

“what kind of question is that?” Rueben asked with his brows arched, he scooted himself closer and wrapped a single arm around her small frame so he could rub her arm. “ Rosie you know you can tell me anything. I’m here for you.. all the time.”

“you didn’t answer my question.” The girl replied back. “ 1- 10”

“100, now tell me.”

“you cant say 100, I said 1- 10 and be serious!”

“Okay Okay, 10.” Rueben answered and positioned himself so he could look her in the eyes. “ Now look at me.. and tell me what you need to say.”

“mrmmnnn…” Rosie groaned and gave a small frown, she was so scared to say it but she needed to tell him! Its not like its anything she can keep a secret, either that or she can say shes gaining weight from all the burgers for the next couple months but after the 9th one the surprise will come out!

“Rosie…” Rueben gave a playful warning.

The more you say that the more I get nervous!” The girl exclaimed and pouted, she placed her head on his shoulder and sniffed. Her heart felt like it was in her throat from how scared she was on telling him. “ you smell good..”

“ROSIE” Rueben called out again, he needed to get her back in track.

“ Ruebenwe’regoingtohaveababy!” The girl answered and winced after admitting it. She pulled her head away to look at her boyfriend with a sad sort of look.

“…….wait.. what?” Ruebens bright eyes were locked on the small girl, his expression mostly shocked than anything.

we’re going to have a baby” She said slowly, her eyes on the virge of tears.

“….is… it my.. baby?”

“OF COURSE ITS YOUR BABY!” Rosie shot back with a scoff and lightly hit his arm! “Who else would it be!? “

“ But.. didn’t we use protection?”

“YES, but obviously it didn’t protect anything! I though you would at least be happy!” Rosie exclaimed, her eyes now tearing up from Ruebens reaction.

“No-nonono! Its not that I just~ Oh my god. We’re.. We’re going to have a BABY?!” Rueben forced a giant grin, his heart dropping to his stomach at the thought that.. he was going to be a father! “Rosie that’s.. THAT’S GREAT! “

“Really?” Rosie whipped the tears from her eyes, her body now shaking from the emotions that was starting to flood through. “ You’re the first person that knows.. you deserved to know first.. its just.. im scared of what my parents would say and I’m scared that we’re not ready and I’m scared that we’re not going to be able to support the baby and the schooling and the diapers and the baby food and the ~ “

“ WHOA WHOA WHOA” Rueben had to raise both hands up to try and calm the girl down, her freaking out wasn’t helping the situation at all! “ We’re going to have to do this one day at a time.. Everything will be okay alright? We’ll figure this out together. Its our baby.. and I’m going to make sure he or shes going to have everything he or she needs and more. “ The young boy confirmed, he knew he had this year to finish up his teaching so by next year he would have a stable job to support both Rosie and their child.

The girl choked up from what she was hearing and moved to lean her forehead against his shoulder again, her arms now hugging her boyfriend tight as she shook from hearing everything. She was glad that Rueben seemed to be responsible about it, that was what she was worried about. The girl heard so many stories of boyfriends leaving whenever things like this happened and even though Ruebens been nothing but a great guy she still had that tinge of fear.

“…do you know when your due?”

“not yet..” The girl sniffed and peaked up with red puffy eyes. “ I still need to go to the doctor.. I wanted you to come with me.”

“okay.. okay we’ll go” Rueben nodded and offered a strong smile. “ we’re going to have a baby.” Rueben whispered out again and chuckled. “ ..we’re going to have a baby.” This time his tone more accepting.

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